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Welcome to Pam Bateman's Secretarial Services

Pam Bateman runs world class secretarial services from the inspiring location of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Pam looks forward to hearing from new clients who appreciate speedy and meticulous service, and who value her first-rate attention to detail.

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Transcription Services

Pam will show you how to upload your voice recordings to where she can download them and transcribe them into beautifully formatted presentations that will impress even the most discerning recipients.

Super-Fast Turnaround

Pam is not a 9-5-er. Pam thrives under time pressure and prides herself on getting your work done sooner that you expect it back!

Cut Your Admin Costs

Pam is expert at managing multiple demands and commitments and can deliver to a higher standard than the vast majority of full time secretaries. You make substantial gains by not having to keep someone full time. Frankly, there’s no down side.

Simplify Your Company Structure

Pam remains self-employed and responsible for her own tax and National Insurance contributions. You don’t need the stress of being responsible for an extra employee. Pam will invoice you as a subcontractor, simplifying your accounting and administrative responsibilities and minimizing your risk.

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You’ve got nothing to lose by dropping Pam a quick line to find out whether she’ll be in position to help you. You stand to make great gains, save plenty of your precious time, and enhance significantly the professionalism of your output!

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