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About Pam’s Secretarial Services

There are basically two types of people that approach Pam Bateman for her online secretarial services: those who want a one-off job done quickly and accurately, such as typing a hand-written dissertation or voice-recorded medical transcription, and those who need the services of a reliable secretary urgently, probably do not yet at this point know whether they’re in a position to commit to a long-term working relationship with a virtual assistant, but are ready to explore this option.

Those that do choose to engage Pam’s secretarial services find a rare degree of commitment and dedication, and benefit from the support of a small, close-knit team of colleagues whose professional experience ranges from shorthand, typing and proofreading, to Internet marketing and search engine optimisation. The benefits of access to such broad-spectrum expertise are that where finished content is to appear online and is intended to attract the attention of as wide an audience as possible, we are able to offer valuable perspectives on vocabulary and syntax choice with proven appeal either to majority or niche prospects.

40 years of diversified secretarial experience

Pam’s main advantage is that she’s not only a professional secretary but also a professional proof reader, meaning that the finished product is almost certain to be word perfect. Pam also believes that her age and 43 years’ experience in vastly different fields are a considerable asset.

Should I Use a Virtual Assistant?

Those looking for a secretary or typist have a choice: either they can advertise their need with an agency, newspaper, or jobs website (all of which takes time and money and is somewhat hit and miss in terms of consistency of quality) or, at the click of a few buttons they can trial an online secretary such as Pam, and if they’re not happy with the result there’s been minimal wastage of time and funds, and no further obligation.

Typing Services from Virtual Assistants

Traditionally, employers have needed to have a secretary or typist on their staff full-time, or suffer the annoyance of having only limited access to his or her services where the operation’s budget can only justify part-time employment. The cost and administrative implications of supporting a full-time or even part-time position are significant and expose employers to a greater level of financial risk than many are willing to take on during periods of economic uncertainty.

Online Secretarial Services are Optimally Cost-Efficient

Conversely, with an online assistant, an ultimately efficient and recession-resistant working relationship is achieved, whereby there is no need for the employer to find minimum-wage level unskilled tasks that could be covered by a young trainee, to allocate to a skilled secretary just so as to be able to justify keeping them at hand full time, or – knowing they need the hours – to prevent them from getting another job.

It’s Easy Adapting to the Virtual Working Environment

Employers or senior staff that have over the years become accustomed to face-to-face dictation of work to their staff may imagine that the transition to an efficient virtual working environment is a complicated and onerous process. To allay such concerns and in order to demonstrate the simplicity of this switch, we have a page explaining how to do it.

Optimal Informational Integrity and Discretion

Pam is accustomed to performing for professionals to whom discretion is necessary and where subject content is often extremely sensitive, and indeed, working alone on a remote island with very low population density offers an obvious guarantee of superior informational integrity. Where Pam is to subcontract a job to a colleague, this will be made clear and the option will be available to decline the contract or request that Pam herself completes the work. In the event that any work is subcontracted, Pam exercises oversight of the task and checks and edits the finished product for accuracy.

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