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Costs of Secretarial Services

Pam’s hourly charge for typing, transcription, editing, and all standard secretarial services is:

  • £18 per hour

Extra costs to bear in mind

There may be extra charges for stationery and postage.


If required, a rough estimate will be given before commencement of work. However, it is impossible to ascertain exactly how long a typing job will take as various factors can add considerable time to the task and can only be taken into account once the work has already been started. Some of these unforeseen time-consuming factors include the following:

  • number (and nature) of errors in original document
  • Illegibility of original (especially handwritten) document
  • special effects required, for example complex layout, tables, headings, tables of contents, footnotes, text boxes, etc.

Anticipating costs

>> Pam, can you suggest a rough rule of thumb for how long a 20 minute dictation with clear pronunciation and good diction would translate into, in terms of waged hours?

<<  An hour minimum, if very clear.

>> And how about with a low quality recording and unclear pronunciation?

<< Low quality recordings with unclear pronunciation can take between 5 & 8 times the recorded time, so sometimes as much as 2 and a half hours.

The fact of a poor quality recording costing as much as double that of a clear recording would serve to recommend a good quality voice recorder over an inferior product, as a matter of good economy. When purchasing a voice recorder we would therefore recommend reading several independent consumer reviews for the model you have in mind. Amazon is an excellent resource for competitive prices and credible reviews.

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