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Optimising the quality of your recording

Pam is acutely aware that many of her clients have very busy lives that involve a high degree of multi-tasking, such that it may often be the case that the only chance to dictate a letter will be when pretending to spend quality time with the children, or when walking the dog, having a shower, etc, etc.

Where a dictation includes unavoidable background noise, Pam would prefer that those submitting such recordings should please understand that it will often be necessary to listen to the recording several times, which of course makes the work somewhat expensive, unless some of the following measures can possibly be borne in mind and implemented.

Recommendations for producing a clear, and therefore cost effective, dictated recording:

  • Firstly, it’s advisable to have a good quality recording device that’s set to the highest quality setting (unless you are remotely situated or abroad and don’t have access to a decent Internet connection; in which case you’ll need to keep your file size down).  For those with good Internet, we provide FTP access, ensuring that there are virtually no limits to file sizes.
  • When dictating, please try to eliminate background noise as far as possible, for example, by distancing yourself from the TV, happy children, barking dogs, or similar
  • If some unplanned event interferes with your intention clearly and audibly to enunciate your next word, such as an impending yawn or similar, please either pause the recording (usually by pressing the red ‘record’ button) or else simply repeat the word that you suspect may have become absorbed into the competing sound
  • If dictating while eating, please note that many words become somewhat impossible to decrypt and that it may arguably be more efficient to delay your recording to a subsequent liquid course
  • Page turning and paper rustling often obscures the dictation if the microphone is closer to the paper than to you. If possible, please therefore pause the recording while turning pages / rustling paper, or if you haven’t found your way round the device (except to start and stop a recording), please simply avoiding talking while paper is being handled. Paper somehow produces sound that seems to be amplified on digital recordings far beyond what the naked ear perceives.
  • If an ambulance, motorbike, or aeroplane passes, please either wait – or if taken by surprise – repeat the word once the noise has passed.

The above few examples of clarity-optimising measures represent basic principles from which it is hoped that it will be possible to extrapolate such considerations to cover scenarios in which conditions are not already optimal for producing clear recordings, however, Pam will be happy to advise more specifically as to how your own recordings might be enhanced, should you wish this.

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