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Secretarial Jobs

Pam is very frequently approached by prospective typists who are available for work as online secretaries or virtual assistants, and yet in probably no fewer than some nineteen cases out of twenty, the accuracy of the work submitted as a representative sample, is not such that Pam would be able to forge any useful working relationship with the applicant.

With this in mind, she asks that if any typists or secretaries wish to work with Pam, they simply send her a sample of their work of around two pages in length, as a Word document, in 11-pt text. She will then be able to determine whether there is any likely merit in discussing possible further means of determining the suitability of an ongoing relationship.

Accurate, reliable, experienced secretaries and typists are therefore warmly invited to send such samples of their work to Pam.

Additionally, Pam is very much amenable to applications via MiJobz profiles, provided that the candidate’s listing is comprehensive and complete and makes full use of the MiJobz website’s functionality. Applicants should therefore ensure that their MiJobz profiles contain:

  • A video interview
  • Sample work files (non-confidential material only)
  • Full contact details
  • Location information
  • Motivation information
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