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Secretarial Services Offered by Pam

While Pam is a qualified and experienced proof reader, and while there is of course significant advantage in contracting typing and transcription services from someone who is trained and adept at identifying and correcting errors, nonetheless, Pam prefers not to accept contracts specifically for proofreading work. Pam feels herself to be most useful in the following areas of services:

General Typing Services

Any subject of any length (subject to terms and conditions), particularly:

  • Dissertations, Theses and Essays
  • Terms & Conditions and other small print
  • Authors’ Manuscripts – theological, biographical, political, current affairs, etc.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar correction
  • Inventories for surveyors, engineers and estate agencies

Medical transcriptions

While lists of blood test results will usually be subcontracted – typically to a colleague with at least 5 years’ relevant experience – Pam particularly values psychological transcription work.

Digital Dictation

Digital dictation seems largely to have replaced old-school methods of face-to-face dictation to a secretary who takes shorthand notes. If you are not already a voice recorder user, the process is very simple to learn and is explained here:

How to submit voice recordings for transcription >>>

How to keep costs down with by optimising clarity of recording >>>

All documents will be meticulously checked before despatch.


Scanning Services

There are a number of organisations that have been printing publications for many years and now wish to digitize these old publications for publication on the Internet. Pam’s team are able to assist with such projects. An example of one such project that she oversees is the Gospel Magazine.

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