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How to Submit Voice Recordings for Pam to Type

Apologies to anyone who already uses voice recorders and for whom this process is already obvious. The purpose of this page, however, is to explain how simple and secure it is to create sound files and submit them to Pam for her to transcribe, edit, and either email back to you, or print or post them to you.

Buying a Digital Voice Recorder

Firstly, it’s necessary to have, or to obtain, a digital voice recorder. There are several types and costs vary. It is possible to obtain a very adequate model for around GBP 55 or USD 90, but prices can rise to beyond GBP 300 or USD 500. For those who are keen on technical equipment some prefer to have a device that can be paused and backtracked a few seconds and overwritten, in the event that you make a mistake while recording, and want to correct yourself. Alternatively, for those who want something as simple as possible to use and don’t want to struggle with complicated technicalities, Pam is very happy for the dictator to simply say, ‘Correction: scrub that and type this instead…’.

Transferring Large Files

Once you’ve learned how to use a voice recorder, please let Pam know and she’ll invite you to join a Dropbox folder. If you don’t already have Dropbox installed, you’ll need to download this free programme from the Internet. It’s very simple to use and quite user intuitive. If you have any difficulties getting to grips with it, please contact Pam and ask her for help.

If you have recorded a very small sound file, it is possible simply to attach this to an email. We recommend however, that the sound file should not be larger than 7MB, using this method. Sound files that are much larger than this will often be rejected, either by your outgoing mail server, or by Pam’s incoming mail server.

Dealing with Technical Problems

Using a voice recorder is quite straightforward and uploading the sound files is in most cases totally unproblematic, however, in the event that you have any difficulties, we are happy to try to assist you remotely via a free programme you’ll need to install called ‘TeamViewer’. Once the programme is installed, you’ll need to open it and tell us your ID and password. This will allow us to come into your computer and demonstrate to you how to do whatever you’re having trouble with. Once you are happy with this, you are free to uninstall the programme or change your password.

To download a free version of TeamViewer please click here.

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